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Orange peel skin affects 95% of women. Discover how to eliminate orange peel skin. All tips and advices to remove and prevent cellulite. Orange peel skin is, probably, the worst nightmare for a majority of women. Thanks to new technologies, cosmetic investigation and advances in aesthetic medicine, nowadays, we can remove it. Fight the cellulite!

Orange peel skin or cellulite tends to appear at adolescence and stays persistent during the rest of life. Besides, there is no distinction and it affects women who are overweight and the slim ones. To simplify, we can say that orange peel skin appears for three main reasons: circulatory problems (also causes of varicosities), feminines hormones (estrogens) and the kind of diet we have.
Orange Peel Skin: What is orange peel skin

Orange peel skin main cause or cellulite is, without doubt, circulatory problems. They're guilty of the establishment and the maintaining of orange peel skin. Why? Because our body has a wonderful system to pump up blood through the rest of the body: the heart, but the inverse process, meaning, the return isn't so perfect. The blood and other fluids like toxic substances produced by cells who should return to the heart, don't have it so easy; gravity has made it really difficult for them to return to their origins.

There are three orange peel skin types or phases (hard, soft and fibrous). All that the body can't evacuate starts to accumulate and step by step, creates the cellulite “bumps” that can sometimes be painful. Our body system to improve venous return is the pressure exerted by our muscles, that's why it's important to exercise; because we help our body to realize the return process at the same time that we eliminate toxins.

Orange peel skin affects women who are overweight and the the slim ones. Why most of women have cellulite and men don't? Orange peel skin is something inherent to women because one of the causes favoring its appearance are estrogens.

It's really important to have a healthy lifestyle and to exercise when hormones have more present in our bodies, meaning: during adolescence, pregnancy or when taking contraceptives. Diet is another cause of having orange peel skin. Saturated fat and sugars excesses in our dishes don't help our bodies to improve circulation, they do the opposite actually.

Cellulite or orange peel skin appears during puberty. Cellulite gets worse with pregnancies and menopause, when estrogens levels (woman hormones) fluctuate capriciously. Weight changes also favors cellulite appearance.

Cellulite especially affects the legs, ankles and feet. But also the abdomen and the arms. When we're talking about cellulite, a few women, if they're not concerned, think about the arms. However, after 40 years old, a woman is the perfect candidate for it, especially if she has some excess weight. To get rid of cellulite efficiently on the arms, you'll need to opt for mesotherapy, radiofrequency and ultimately, for a liposuction if there is a fat excess. The best? Exercising.

In the initial phase cellulite can easily be eliminated, but it's unusual to detect it at that moment. When the time to get rid of cellulite has come, there is only one rule: constancy. You'll need to have healthy lifestyle habits with a healthy diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Besides, use efficient anti-cellulite creams and if necessary use professional treatments who will directly dissolve fat and firm the tissues.