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90% of women fight cellulite each year. There are three types of cellulite: hard or compact cellulite, which affects young people around 20 years old, caused by bad circulation, inadequate habits and the lack of exercise. Soft cellulite is linked to a sedentary lifestyle, elastic fibers breakage and adipose tissues. Edematous cellulite provokes pain when touched, skin becomes less compact and with inflamed areas and unfortunately it's difficult to eliminate.

The 3 cellulite causes: diet, lack of exercise and genetic. To obtain satisfactory results it's essential to intervene quickly when orange peel skin still can be reduced; a valid therapy consists, for example to observe attentively orange peel skin aspect before it becomes subcutaneous cellulite.

There are three cellulite types: hard or compact cellulite – who responds better to treatments -, the soft one and the edematous one. Discover what kind of cellulite do I have.

How does hard cellulite looks like?

Cellulite is compact, with a hard texture who tenses the epidermis (skin) and is painful to touch, usually localized in the lower part of the body, on the external surface of the thighs and internal knees surface. Usually young overweight people have it and it's the one that responds the best to treatments.Orange Peel Skin: Hard or Compact Cellulite

Treatments against hard cellulite

Fortunately, in this phase it's easy to get rid of cellulite, it's fundamental to correct diet and to have a physical activity. Anti-cellulite creams help to reduce orange peel skin.

How does soft cellulite looks like?

Soft cellulite, with a flaccid texture and not very consistent, is localized on the inner thighs and the arms surface, sometimes accompanied with stretch marks; it's linked to an atrophied musculature due to a lack of exercise or to a drastic slimming diet. This type of cellulite is common in overweight people.Orange Peel Skin: Soft Cellulite

Treatments against soft cellulite

An anti-cellulite massage can be useful but very painful. Follow a full program against cellulite, after 6 months you will obtain satisfactory results.

How does edematous cellulite looks like?

Edematous cellulite shows circulatory and lymphatic insufficiency signs in the lower limbs (varicosities, sensation of heaviness, fatigue, muscles cramps...).Orange Peel Skin: Edematous Cellulite

Treatments against edematous cellulite

In this phase, you'll need to use special equipments to reduce cellulite. Go to an aesthetic center in order to have ultrasounds sessions, cavitation, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy or endermology to eliminate liquid and dissolve fat. To get rid of cellulite efficiently, you can have recourse to liposuction.