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Perfect curves, impeccable skin and firmer legs. We are presenting you the latest (and most efficient) treatments for your legs, so you can approve the cellulite test in front of the mirror. Orange peel skin threats woman aesthetics, worries when fashion and weather entail to expose more of our bodies. Luckily, there are lots of way to fight cellulite and reach the ideal body weight.

Orange peel skin enemies! There are 3 types of cellulite: soft, hard – who responds better to treatments – and edematous. Attack cellulite soon enough before it's too late. We'll show you how the lastest updated cellulite treatments made by professionals, are working.

A healthy life completed by a specific treatment are the bases to fight cellulite.

Mesotherapy against cellulite

It's done by the introduction of anti-cellulite homeopathic and draining ingredients into the deep layers of the skin, via little and multiple transdermal injections. This medico-aesthetic cocktail acts directly on the most encrusted fat nodules easing their dissolution. It can be a bit painful and in some cases it can produce an allergic reaction to some concrete areas (redness in the area), but it disappears quickly. One alternative to this procedure could be virtual mesotherapy (introduction without needles and via galvanic currents). Although it's painless, results are slower than the traditional mesotherapy. Duration: the treatment lasts between 2 or 3 hours and just a little moderate redness or some bruises in the area can manifest and they will disappear the same day. Results: the results are really good to reduce cellulite and volume in some areas of the body. For whom? For women with particularly marked hips or abdomen fat excess. Session: One session per week during 1 or 2 months depending on the area to be treated. $$ Treatment price: between $80 and $90 per session depending on the center.

Ultra-cavitation against cellulite

Also known as rebel fat cavitation. Orange peel skin is localized in the arm rings, abdomen, hips or the internal side of the knee, it can be eliminated with narrow band ultrasounds, applied locally on the area to be treated, without damaging nearby tissues. This medical procedure makes micro-bubbles in the interstitial liquid of fat tissue, who will firstly contract and then explode, exercising such a pressure on the fat cells that they walls will break and end up being destroyed. Result: Improves cellulite relief and can reach a loss of 1 inch in only one session, although the best results are obtained with 8 or 10 sessions. $$ Treatment price: 1 session $180 and 10 sessions $1650

Laser against cellulite (Smooth Shapes)

Non invasive cellulite treatment through the combination of laser (915nm) and light (650nm) applied at the same time with a massage through mobile and vacuum rollers. The laser goes into the epidermis warming up fat cells and easing their dissolution. Led light stimulates collagen production and lymphatic system. The treatment ends with the rollers stimulating drainage and improving micro-circulation, so that the fluids and extra fat can be evacuated. It's a painless procedure who allows a return to daily life immediately. Result: achieve a contour diminution between 3 and 6 cm. For whom? For those who have orange peel skin, fat deposits or volume excess in some areas of the body. It's adequate for all skin types. Sessions: 2 per week during 4 weeks and then, monthly maintenance sessions during 6 months. Sessions last 50 minutes and laser is applied 15 minutes in each area. $$Treatment price: $170, one session.

Carboxitherapy against cellulite

The carboxitherapy consists to infiltrate the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the skin to dissolve accumulations of fat. The carboxytherapy meets a great global success by its efficiency to eliminate cellulite. It is a non-invasive method of injections of CO2. $$ Treatment price: Sessions last about 30 minutes and each session costs around $70. Sessions: We recommend you to make 2 to 3 sessions per week for 3 months.

Cryolipolysis against cellulite

This non invasive method selectively eliminates adipocytes or fat cells via a cold system who doesn't damage the rest of skin cells. The treatment is painless because the area stays anesthetized by the cold and its action destroys fat cells, who will later be eliminated through the normal metabolic process of the body. Duration: The treatment lasts between 2 or 3 hours and only a little moderate redness or some bruises in the area can manifest and they will disappear the same day. Result: a measurable fat reduction can be seen within 2 to 4 months after treatment. For whom? Relatively slim people who have pronounced orange peel skin. Sessions: only one. $$ Treatment price: depending on the area to be treated. For the legs, for example, it can vary between $1000 and $1500 for one treatment.

Radiofrequency against cellulite

Radiofrequency moderately firms the buttocks, the abdomen and the legs and with results lasting up to 2 years. It employs a radiofrequency patented technique who warms up, through a machine passed on the areas to be treated, the deepest layers of the skin with absolute security, stimulating existing collagen and the synthesis of the new one; making the skin younger and firmer.. It doesn't need any kind of convalescence, you can return to your usual routine immediately. $$ Treatment price: prices for a radiofrequency treatment vary between $150 to $600 per session, depending on the session numbers and the areas to be treated.

Pressotherapy against cellulite

Intense mechanic of compression and decompression lymphatic drainage, applied with a kind of pneumatic boots in which legs are introduced (may go up to abdomen). This type of massage decreases toxins and liquid retention. $$ Treatment price: around $60 per session.

Anti-cellulite draining massage

Treatment destined to improve toxins elimination, favor venous return and improve orange peel skin aspect. $$ Treatment price: One session from $50.

Vibro-liposuction against cellulite

It's a surgical intervention, therefore the treatment is more definitive. It consist in the extraction of the corporal fat from the areas where it's accumulated, distorting corporal silhouette. The surgery procedure is done through canulas who can increase fat extraction (the rest of the liposuction techniques can't do it). These canulas are connected to a vacuum pump. An automatized linear vibratory system manages to avoid unnecessary circular movements, avoiding irregularities on the surface of the skin.
Besides, with this technique the skin is retracted, improving orange peel skin thanks to the lastest generation of ultrasounds. With this procedure, the inflammatory and recuperation durations are reduced. It can also be done on elderly people and recuperation is quicker than conventional liposuction. For whom? For all of those women who want to reduce the size of their buttocks or reduce localized fat on the abdomen or the hips. Sessions: Only one with local anesthesia. $$ Treatment price: between $3000 and $5000.

Remember that the majority of these treatments will have long lasting results, if they are combined with exercise and a healthy diet. Before and after doing a session with a machine against cellulite, drink water or an infusion without sugar to improve the efficiency of the treatment and to help the toxins elimination process.