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Cellulite on the legs and thighs comes from fat deposits accumulation (adipocytes) under the skin favoring the appearance of the famous “orange peel skin”. Cellulite makes women feeling uncomfortable when they expose their legs in summer. Cellulite affects all women even the slim ones, with or without being overweight.

The main causes of cellulite on the thighs are an unhealthy diet, hormones and familial genetics. Cellulite on the thighs is difficult to eliminate but there are remedies to quickly reduce orange peel skin aspect. For example, an adequate diet, daily exercises, anti-cellulite creams and treatments. Next, principal remedies against cellulite and orange peel skin.
Orange Peel Skin: ellulite on Thighs

1. Healthy diet against cellulite on thighs

Avoid processed foods, fats, sugar and fried dishes, who contribute to cellulite problems. Replace fat foods with low fat ones. Buy lots of fruits and vegetables with complex carbohydrates like integral rice and bread.

2. Exercises to reinforce the thighs

Include exercises into your lifestyle. Practicing exercises like running, walking and swimming helps to reduce cellulite. Combine them with endurance exercises with weights to tone orange peel skin.

3. Exfoliate your legs to reduce cellulite on thighs

Exfoliate your legs with a brush three times a week to improve blood circulation and to eliminate toxins. It's recommended to exfoliate the skin with a brush by doing a circular movement from the feet to the thighs. Don't apply too much pressure, you could hurt yourself and damage your skin.

4. Massage on thighs against cellulite

Massage on the affected area vigorously with an anti-cellulite glove or go to an aesthetic center to enjoy a professional massage. A massage on cellulite areas helps to decompose fat deposits and diminishes orange peel skin visibility.Orange Peel Skin: ellulite on Thigh

5. Drink 2 bottles of water to fight cellulite

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily helps to liberate the body of accumulated toxins, who are contributing to cellulite.

6. Creams against orange peel skin

Use an anti-cellulite cream on the legs. Apply preferably a cream with retinol and caffeine, twice a day, like this, you will succeed to reduce cellulite visibility on the legs in only 6 months.

Cellulite on the thighs or orange peel skin is influenced by genetic factors and by the own women corporal constitution. But cellulite on the legs can considerably be reduced with a good sport practice and with adequate exercises. You need to be constant. The application of anti-cellulite creams and aesthetics treatments help to reduce it (radiofrequency, cavitation, massages); and of course, medical help and aesthetic surgery help to definitively get rid of cellulite (mesotherapy, lasers, liposuction).