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Orange peel skin affects 95% of women. Cellulite isn't a pathology, but it's always linked to an unhealthy lifestyle (not enough exercise, unbalanced diet, etc..). Following a series of simple advices, we can prevent its appearance and fight its evolution. Next, tips and advices to fight cellulite.

Massage is really recommended when it's time to reduce orange peel skin or cellulite, because it favors lymphatic circulation – eliminates waste substances, avoiding their stagnation. To ease this task, it's advisable to use lymphatic drainage gloves. Use them in a shower with warm water.

Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and prepare the skin for anti-cellulite treatment. A clean and exfoliated skin eases the penetration of all ingredients and therefore, improves its absorption.

Anti-cellulite creams work if they are thoroughly applied. Apply the creams twice a day for a month and repeat 3 or 4 times a year. Constancy is the anti-cellulite secret. Apply the cream doing a soft massage on the orange peel skin to improve circulation and revitalize tissues.

Have a correct and balanced diet. Control the quantity of carbohydrates, fats and salt and sugar ingested. Drink a lot of water (2 bottles per day).

  • Heat excess.
  • Shoes with too high heels.
  • Tight clothing.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, make a moderate and regular physical activity. Walking is always a good option and can be practiced with regularity.
  • Avoid constipation with a diet rich in fibers.
  • Stress, tobacco, coffee, alcohol.
  • Standing up or sitting too long. It's recommended to elevate your legs to favor venous return and avoid liquid accumulation.