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Anti-cellulite are products or treatments against cellulite. Women are the most affected by orange peel skin aesthetic problems having more fat percentage than men. But... think about it in a positive way! Nowadays, aesthetic centers, medical and aesthetic surgery offer us a wide range of possibilities to have attractive legs and thighs.

To fight cellulite, it's convenient to use daily an anti-cellulite cream of quality. Anti-cellulite creams are specially designed to stimulate hydration, resistance, firmness and revitalization of orange peel skin.

Anti-cellulite cosmetic has for objective fat reduction, and firming and improving the skin condition. For this, besides moisturizing substances, anti-cellulite products include reducing ingredients like caffeine, essentials oils with anti-cellulite properties, seaweed reducing subcutaneous fat and substances that favor collagen and elastin formation. The daily application of those products is really important to fight cellulite.

There are a lot of treatments to fight cellulite. It's necessary to determine which treatment is the most appropriate for each case. The best news is that, if treated on time, we can eliminate it in cabin. Here are the most efficient techniques to reduce orange peel skin:

• Passive gymnastic
• Radiofrequency
• Ultrasounds

• Cavitation
• Wraps
• Endermology

• Massages
• Masks
• Cryotherapy

Cabin treatments are really effective after a chock treatment followed by maintenance sessions and it is the only way to obtain good results.

• Mesotherapy, a classic in aesthetic medicine, it's the administration of a subcutaneous intradermal injection.
• Lasers.
• Hyaluronic acid infiltrations.
• Platelet-rich plasma infiltrations (PRP).

Surgery is a definitive solution to get rid of orange peel skin. Consult a renowned specialist.
• Liposuction. .
• Liposuction with laser surgery.
• Infiltrations.

In spite of all the solutions that we can aspire to, let's not forget that care starts with us: making exercises daily (cardio and resistance), eating healthy with a just protein proportion, decreasing salt and sugar use and drinking at least 2 bottles of water per day.